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Travel guidee “Around the World” – a unique application for Pocket PC running Windows Mobile and a PC with Windows. The application allows you to download and play special trips, including information about the selected part of the city or on the road route. The program determines the location of the user and tells itself about all the sights objects, which are in line of sight. At the same traveler is completely free in choosing the route of walk: audio guide does not impose any order it a day of sightseeing, there are no fixed stopping points, but on the contrary, ready to adapt to the direction and rate of movement, the mood of the user. When approaching the subject deserves attention¬†Travel guide automatically.¬†Travel guide includes a complete reference to all significant objects chosen walks. Use the Guide during sightseeing comfortably – the program sorts the objects in the list in order of proximity. In any other situation, without using a Travel guide, read the information contained will help integrated search the directory. Simulating the movement of the city on an interactive map, you can have when preparing for a trip to think over your route, take a virtual walk.

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